AHIMSA MALA is a collection of 108 one-of-a-kind hand-knotted Mala or prayer beads

The Ahimsa Mala Collection uses only the best quality gemstones from around the world, hand-knotted with great care using cotton thread. Each pieces has 108 gemstone beads and includes a signature 925 silver Ahimsa Tree of Life Pendant. Some of the pieces will also be adorned with Ahimsa Jewelry One-of-a-kind silver pendant or Ahimsa Jewelry classic collection pendant. The gemstones are carefully hand selected to ensure only the most beautiful and flawless beads are used to make each Mala. Every piece of Ahimsa Mala is a treasure that you would love to keep for many years to come.


Labradorite: Transformation, promotes psychic abilities, strengthens our will, connecting the heart
Rutilated Quartz: Protection, determination, self-control, connection to the angelic realms
Peridot: Healing, renewal, purification, rebirth, growth, relaxation
Rhodonite: Calmness , self-confidence, refinement, gratefulness, elegance
Smokey Quartz: Calmness, positive thoughts, clearing of negative energy, grounding
Rose Quartz: Unconditional love, self-love
Green Aventurine: Imagination, independence, serenity, letting go of the past, good luck, a positive
Clear Quartz: Harmony, energy, healing
Yellow Jade: Longevity, health, balance and happiness