Labradorite: Transformation, promotes psychic abilities, strengthens our will, connecting the heart
Rutilated Quartz: Protection, determination, self-control, connection to the angelic realms
Peridot: Healing, renewal, purification, rebirth, growth, relaxation
Rhodonite: Calmness , self-confidence, refinement, gratefulness, elegance
Smokey Quartz: Calmness, positive thoughts, clearing of negative energy, grounding
Rose Quartz: Unconditional love, self-love
Green Aventurine: Imagination, independence, serenity, letting go of the past, good luck, a positive
Clear Quartz: Harmony, energy, healing
Yellow Jade: Longevity, health, balance and happiness
A round Labradorite 6mm 108 beads Mala Silver Ganesha pendant.
A round Moonstone 6mm 108 beads Mala Gold Ganesha pendant.
A facetted Amethyst 6mm 108 beads Mala with tassel and cream colored thread.