The Story Teller

The idea to create Ahimsa Jewelry came to me as an expansion of my passion for gemstones and jewelries and was initially intended to become a medium to channel my vision, love and creativity. 

Taking the position as Creative Director for Ahimsa Jewelry in February 2012, I found a world where I have been able to translate my personal life story into an alchemy of symbolism, gleaming gemstones and simple designs which can be worn daily as a reminder of the beauty of life. A reminder of our own story and poetry. Every piece of Ahimsa Jewelry was created as a reflection of the different stages that I have gone through in life, my love, my passion and dreams, and it has been a great privilege to share my story through each lovingly crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many one of a kind and personalized designs I created throughout the years. My hope is that those who wear Ahimsa Jewelry will be able to connect each jewels to their own story, to their own heart, and to their own poetry of life. To breathe life into each jewels and to make them more than just another piece of pretty accessories. 

A yoga practitioner, a spiritual seeker, a jewelry designer, an adventurer and a lover of life, I have been very grateful to have had the support of many people throughout the years of these life changing creative process.  I have also been especially inspired by the knowledge and insight given by my loving teacher Shri O.P Tiwari of Kaivalyadhama, India, the one person who has taught me the true depth and meaning of Ahimsa and whose teaching has given a new meaning to the pieces I created. 

Through Ahimsa Jewelry, I wish to inspire love and happiness in everyone. To always believe in the greatness of the heart, the power of dreams, and to have trust in life and its unexpected miracles.   

I am also truly grateful to all the wonderful souls that I have met along the path, who by the grace and love of the universe has helped to open many doors in making all the miracles of creative process to work like magic.

Ahimsa Jewelry is a love story. My love story. An endless flirtation with life, and through the collection, you are all invited to read into my little world, and hopefully find a connection that comes from the Heart. I hope to continue the creative process for many more years to come, to capture more ideas, create more happiness and to have more dreams, more passion, and love. 

With endless gratitude for a dream that comes alive -

Dewi Indawati Loho